Motorized woodchiper | Loncin 15hp KB15

  • 4-stroke gasoline engine, with electric starter.
    • Semi-automatic feed with slope.
    • The anti-vibration clutch minimizes direct movement between the engine and the drum, facilitating cold
    start and protecting the crank in the event of a cutting system jam.
    • Folding funnel to protect and reduce the required space during storage and transport of the machine.
    • Ergonomic design and exceptional flexibility thanks to the 2 wheels.
    • Drum cutting system with 2 double profile knives plus 1 fixed, high hardening to adjust the cutting
    • Long life bearing.
    • Transmission with Kevlar belts.
    • The ejection distance is adjusted by the door at the top of the duct.
    • Fully made of high-strength metals.
    • Robust construction with low center of gravity.
    • The position of the engine facilitates its cleaning and maintenance.
    • Anti-fouling spray duct design. Easy rotation of the ejection duct 360°.
    • Easily accessible impeller without the use of tools.
    • Large wheels and towbar.
    • Operation with safety system and emergency button for immediate shutdown.
    • EC Conformity.