Motorized wheelbarrow with mechanical tipping D300R

  • The manual overturning system of the container allows the unloading of the material with exceptional ease and without any effort.
  • Rectangular bucket design and flat shape on the extraction side for unloading bulky materials.
  • Durable and reliable gearbox 3 front + 1 rear.
  • 4-stroke gasoline engine, manual start.
  • Loading and carrying capacity 300kg.
  • The loading surface is at the right height facilitating the loading and unloading work.
  • Low center of gravity for maximum stability during work.
  • Independent clutch and disengagement levers on each wheel that contribute to easy change of course and on-site rotation.
  • Fully ergonomic controls, easy to use, guarantee exceptional flexibility and precise control during operation.
  • 5mm metal guard at the bottom to protect the engine and transmission from the ground (eg stones).
  • Robust chassis construction that reduces vibration and noise.
  • Fully made of high-strength metals. Reinforcement hollow section at the bottom, make it suitable for any load or pressure.
  • The location of the engine and gearbox make them easy to clean and maintain.
  • Flawless front / rear balance ensures load distribution and perfect traction on the ground.
  • Operation with safety system and automatic parking brake offer maximum safety.
  • CE safety guard.