• Mini, wheel, articulated, telescopic loaders known for their compact design and versatility that can be used for all kinds of unusual jobs. T-LD models have an extra robust telescopic arm with greater lift.
  • Maximum load capacity for models T-LD07, T-LD10, T-LD11, T-LD13 – 900kg, 1500Kg, 1700Kg, 2200Kg respectively.
  • Maximum lifting load capacity for models T-LD07, T-LD10, T-LD11, T-LD13 – 600Kg, 900Kg, 1000Kg and 1300Kg respectively.
  • Maximum lift (at pin) for models T-LD07, T-LD10, T-LD11, T-LD13: 3184mm, 3446mm, 3442mm, 4129mm respectively.
  • Three-cylinder water-cooled Perkins(T-LD07/10), Changchai(T-LD11) 25hp/2600rpm and Yunnei(T-LD13) 51hp/2650rpm new generation STAGE V low consumption diesel engine.
  • The wheelbase, with limited outer width, and the articulated frame makes them very maneuverable even on the tightest trails.
  • The angle loading arm is designed to be particularly robust and torsionally resistant. The advantage of P-kinematics lies in the precise parallel movement throughout the lifting range.
  • Ergonomic Joystick robust and sensitive at the same time. All movements on the same joystick even on the telescopic one, this way you have complete control of the machine and its basic functions.
  • Third hydraulic supply line for future connection of other accessories (dual energy line).
  • A larger and stronger hydraulic lift bottle guarantees that the load distribution is always optimally transferred to the loading arm offering maximum stability.
  • New type, high specification canopy with increased visibility and safety.
  • Cast counterweight at rear, greatly improves loader stability.
  • The steering column can be adjusted based on the operator and ensures ergonomic handling without fatigue.
  • Quick connection of accessories with Euro-hitch quick-connect. Digging bucket included.
  • EC Conformity.