It is particularly suitable for areas with significant environmental protection requirements, such as indoor spaces and warehouses. It uses a drive system that is autonomous, quiet and efficient.

Advantages and features
  • With a small turning radius and well-designed structure, the pallet truck is suitable for use in limited space, providing low noise and high efficiency work.
  • The ergonomic control wheel provides the operator with comfort and precise control of the load.
  • CURTIS USA system and control panel.
  • DC steering system.
  • Anti-collision design and electromagnetic brakes provide significant protection.
  • The handle allows for excellent lifting performance and ease of operation.
  • The engine and wheels are well protected by the cover to protect both the machine and the operator.
  • Battery replacement is quick, so operation is not interrupted by using an optional battery.
  • The ergonomic design ensures lightweight without sacrificing any stability. Users can easily maintain and repair it due to its open structure.
  • Elevation control buttons on both sides of the handle allow easy access from either side.
  • The battery discharge LED indicator clearly shows the charge status in four colors — green, blue, orange and red.
  • Smooth speed control

Electric pallet truck 1.5T| electric lift 200mm| electric drive 4.5 km/h| pedestrian machine operator