Electric wheelbarrow with hydraulic tipping E500H

• In the E500 model tipping is done mechanically with an oil cylinder while in the E500H model
hydraulically with a cylinder.
• Electric motor 1000W/48V quite powerful for load transfer of 500kg up to 10% inclination,
completely silent.
• The manual tipping system of the container allows the unloading of the material with exceptional
ease and without any effort.
• Bucket design and suitable shape on the extraction side for unloading bulky materials without
• Scales on the rear wheels for easy climbing on uneven ground.
• The loading surface is at the appropriate height to facilitate loading and unloading operations.
• Low center of gravity for maximum stability during work
• Fully ergonomic controls, easy to use, guarantee exceptional flexibility and precise control
during operation.
• Robust chassis construction that reduces vibration and noise.
• Fully made of high-strength metals.
• Flawless front / rear balance ensures load distribution resulting in easy steering change.
• Autonomy of 8-10 hours and recharging in 6-7 hours.
• Battery 48V 32Ah and charger included.
• 2 front LED 30W lighting.
• Operation with safety system and autonomous electromagnetic brake, offer maximum safety.
• EC Conformity