• Superb Japanese quality and long-lasting piece of equipment.
  • Independent hydraulic system does not require a connection to the tractor’s oil.
  • Buzzer notifies you when bale is being formed.
  • The compression system uses steel rollers that are highly durable.
  • Less power fluctuations than a square baler resulting in a more stable and noiseless operation.
  • Round bale size is 70cm x 50cm in diameter.
  • The round bales average 20-30 Kg that can easily be moved by hand, ideal for small farms.
  • Rotary feeder eases the entry of hay into the baling chamber. Περιστρεφόμενος τροφοδότης που διευκολύνει την είσοδο του σανού στο θάλαμο δεματοποίησης.
  • The gearbox output is protected by a shear bolt. When overload occurs, the shear bolt will cut itself and protect the machine from damage.
  • Universal 3-point linkage cat. I(ø 19.0-22.0mm).
  • CE conformity
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Hay Baler STAR-850/870 for mini tractor of Japanese quality and technology. The hay baler ZEA PRESA 850/870 produces round bales with an average of 20 to 30 Kg which can easily be moved by hand.
This machine is ideal for baling any kind of material from basic hay, straw, vine cuttings or even pine forest needles.
In comparison with square balers, GRAECUS ZEA PRESA 850/870 has smaller dimensions and can function in tighter spaces, steep slopes, access narrow passages etc.
The hay baler has its own hydraulic pump for handling the bales and weights can easily be set to the weight preferred by the user. Even wet bales can be baled with a moisture content beyond 60%.