• Hydraulic sweeper suitable for cleaning flat surfaces such as: roads, concrete and
asphalt pavements, cobbled paths, as well as for their winter maintenance.
• Easy-to-adjust spring return lateral hydraulic brush, is responsible for the lateral
transport of waste (along the road) and can be lifted where not needed.
• Waste collection bin at the front of the machine.
• Protective rubber between the main hood and the waste bin for the reduction of
dust and dirt.
• Tilt adjusting ability of the machine for cleaning slopes surfaces up to 22 degrees.
• Requires 2 hydraulic hose connections.
• Thanks to the use of 3 wheels, the hydraulic sweeper scans the ground better, which
adds operator comfort and durability of the brush.
• Easily replaceable high quality brushes.
• Three attachment types, forks connection system, Euro-hitch quick attach and Universal
tractor 3 points linkage cat. Ι (ø 19.0-22.0mm).
• EC Conformity.