• Unbreakable hammers 1200g to shred vegetation up to 9cm thick.
• Fast acting Inter-row cutter disk equipped with a spring damper which cushions
violent shocks
• Autonomic hydraulic valve with oil tank.
• Sturdy double-sided frame with max lateral displacement
• Cast iron gear box “GRAECUS” with free wheel 540 rpm.
• NSK long life external bearings.
• Electronically balanced Double spiral drive shaft.
• Protective front bulk-heads.
• Better shredding of grasses and branches is achieved by the counter blades under
the hood.
• Height adjustable lateral skids.
• Adjustable roller unit with mud scraper.
• Belt transmission with external tensioner.
• Universal 3 points linkage cat. ΙΙ(ø 25.0-28.0mm).
• EC Conformity.